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Our Artisan Japanese Tea Bag Range is both unique and popular. 

The standard tea bag is usually 1-2.5g. Knowing this, we have doubled the standard weight for all our tea bag range which means you can both hot or cold brew our teas and even refill the pot!

Our Nylon Pyramid Tea Bags allow all the tea leaves to expand properly allowing them to brew.

Enjoy a taste of Japan from our traditional Japanese tea range of :

Shizuoka Sencha, Hojicha and Genmaicha  


Are you not good at the astringency of tea?

Try Our flavour tea range and you will love them !!

The combination of mellow fruit aroma and tea will give you a happy time.

Our carefully selected and custom blended fruity Japanese tea range of:

Peach Oolong, Kyoho Grape Sencha, Stawberry Hojicha and Fuji Apple Black Tea. 

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