Uji Hikari

Uji Hikari


Uji Hikari (40g): loose tea


>Origin: Single origin from Uji Kyoto


>Profile: Our Uji sencha is 1st harvest 1st season, handpicked in spring, meaning the finest and most sweet leaves are harvested.

In Uji region, we mid steam the tea. 

Can be both hot or cold brewed.


>Unique point: We are the only tea manufacturer in Japan that adjust the steaming and roasting times of our teas to suit the countries we export to as the water is different to Japan.  


>Tasting Notes: refreshing, smooth, cleansing, detox, middle steamed, emerald glow


>Servings: approx 10-15. (1 teaspoon per pot)


>Uses: beverage


>How to brew: Use 1 level teaspoon to your pot and add 70-80c hot water, brew 1-2 mins for 1st brew and serve. For 2nd brew, refill with boiling water for another unique aromatic experience. 1st brew and 2nd brew have different tasting notes. 

Cold brew over 1-2 hours.