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Why Matcha Can Create Fine Creamy foam?

When we perform a matcha tasting, and people see the creamy matcha foam that forms we often get asked is their dairy in it? Is it milk? Is it realy just tea? Yes! Yes! Yes! Matcha is purely Japanese tea, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free and vegan!

If you go to a tea ceremony or you make matcha properly at home, it should form a smooth, natural creamy foam on top. Not only does it look appealing but also makes Matcha more delicious.

The creamy foam is formed when matcha is properly whisked using our traditional bamboo “Chasen” or whisk but a component of tea known as Saponin is also responsible in helping the foam to be made.

What is saponin

"Saponin" is an ingredient often found in legumes such as soybeans and red beans, and in leaves and roots of plants such as burdock, olives and camellia. The saponin gives the legumes and leaves it’s strong bitterness.

It is also one of the "Fight Chemicals" that has recently attracted attention as the seventh nutrient.

Soy isoflavones, grape anthocyanins, sesame sesameminol, and tea "catechin" are also fight chemicals.

In addition, saponin has a function to suppress blood sugar level, so it is included in herbal medicines and supplements as effective ingredients for prevention of diabetes, prevention of obesity, anti-allergy, etc.

Saponin is abundant and the cause of the creamy foam formed by matcha.

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