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Relax with Hojicha

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Relax in the evening with Japanese hojicha tea

With autumn round the corner, its nearing the time where you want to stay at home in the evenings, curl up in a blanket and enjoy some Netflix with a warm cuppa! This year why not warm up with a cosy cup of Japanese hojicha?

First of all what is Hojicha?

Hojicha is simply a Japanese roasted green tea. Tea is harvested 4 times during the year, the last harvest being autumn, the leaves and stems are much coarser than the earlier months. In Japan, we don't like to generate waste, so the tea farmers thought of how people can enjoy the last season's roasting it!

The last season's green tea leaves and stems are high roasted to 180c where it's almost burnt. This gives hojicha the highly roasted aroma, nutty, caramelised flavour and aroma profile.

The aroma of the roasted tea comes from the component "pyrazine", made by heating the tea's amino acids and sugars at high temperatures.

As the tea hits the last season for harvest, it is also less in nutrients which in turn means less caffeine. Hence its 99% decaf and traditionally enjoye

d as an after dinner tea. So no need to worry about not being able to sleep at night!

The work of "Pyrazine"

Research shows that the component of pyrazine, not only gives the aroma, but also plays the role in relaxing the brain and support the movement of blood flow.

Usually all Japanese green teas are brewed at a lower temperature than boiling water. This is so it doesn't destroy the nutritional components and prevents the tea from going bitter! However, with Hojicha, because its been highly roasted already, its the only Japanese green tea recommended to be infused with 100c boiling water! The boiling water in turn, releases the caramelised aroma and flavours of the hojicha.

On a tired day or when you want to relax slowly, we recommend you to try and enjoy our "Hojicha".

Where to get your hands on hojicha!

Due to high demand of the flavour and unique aromatic flavour, we have various hojicha available for you! We have off course the loose leaf/stems which is more higher quality and naturally sweeter, the hojicha nylon tea bags which is for easy use, and also have milled our hojicha into powder form for those who want to make a latte, or use it in baking or making icecreams! All are available via our online shop on this website or in stores globally.

Have a good evening with Hojicha:)

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