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Our Matcha is Best!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Starting from our family background of green tea farming in Japan, we know which matcha and green tea is best for you.

With a family background in green tea farming in Shizuoka, Japan we are experts in the tea industry. We specialise in wholesale mainly so work with all your favourite cafes in Sydney, Melbourne, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada and the UAE.

Matcha and green tea varies in quality with season, farming process, climate, harvest, and milling process. Ranging from ceremonial matchas, single origin to blends we have it all!

We are also unique in Japan as we are the only tea manufacturer that adjusts steaming and roasting times of our matchas to suit all the countries we export to!

why do we do this?

because the water and dairy outside of Japan is very different! So we want to deliver the best taste, colour and aroma of matchas to brew well with the dairy, vegan milks and water of each country!

Come join our tasting sessions in cafes and restaurants and learn something new! If you're shy just send us an email and we will be in touch! :)

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