Our New Fruity Collection

At the beginning of this year, we decided to do something unique and different and a little "pop" to our traditional Japanese green tea range. We wanted to introduce a bit of a fun! A more fruity range but not forgetting our high quality teas grown in our farms in Japan. Maybe you would agree, but we found a lot of "flavour teas" in Australia, just to be very perfume like but no actual tea flavour.

Our artisan pyramid nylon tea bags have been custom made where we altered them in size and shape so our teas used can fully expand once brewed.

****We have actually adjusted the steaming and roasting times for our teas in the tea bags which means you can (if you wish) add normal boiling water! no need to wait for it to cool to 70-80c.

Did you know the standard tea bags contain 1.5-2.5g?

So what we have done is doubled the weight of our tea bags which means double the tea leaves and double the brewing! So you can even cold brew or refill the pot to share with the whole family!

We have carefully selected our teas before blending with our fruity Japanese flavours so you can get the strong flavours of our traditional teas but with a fun fruity aroma, giving a unique refreshing experience!

First we introduced our most popular Peach Oolong. We have selected one of the best oolong tea farmers in Taiwan and blended with Japanese white peach flavour. Its sweet aroma is definitely a go to for all customers!

Next we brought in Kyoho Grape Sencha and Strawberry Hojicha!

Have you heard of Kyoho grape? Kyoho grape is a very large Japanese grape we grow in Yamanashi, Japan between August-September. I used to go grape picking with my grandparents and loved the bubbly grape aromas in the farms in Yamanashi (about 1.5hour from Shizuoka) which made me want to try it with our Shizuoka sencha. Personally, I would recommend to cold brew this tea, for a cleansing, refreshing but summery experience!

Our decaf Strawberry Hojicha: one for any time during the day and for everyone in the family! Hojicha as you might already know is an autumn harvest high roasted Japanese green tea. Instead of the leaves, we use the stems (less burnt) so it has a more nutty, caramelised, roasted aroma with a golden glow. The fruity aromas of strawberry was blended with our Hojicha so it gives us that warm fuzzy feeling in the evenings! A very homely tea! Cold or Hot brew ...either way its beautiful!