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Drink Matcha to Improve YOUR Immunity

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Matcha and Japanese green tea are renown immunoboosters!

With the change in season, Matcha can help support your immune system.

Matcha and Japanese green tea helps improve your immunity

When there's a change of weather and season, we see every year that people become more susceptible in catching a cold. Matcha and Japanese green teas contain many nutrients and antioxidants that help support you immune system during this weather change!

Polyphenolic compounds called "tea catechin (epigallocatechin)" which are abundant in matcha and green tea plays a role in activating immune cells called "macrophages" of the body. They remove bacteria that have enter the body and hence enhances your immunity.

Rinsing our mouth with tea?!

With our family background in green tea farming in Shizuoka, we grew up with drinking green tea daily. Did you know, in schools in Shizuoka we are taught to rinse our mouths with green tea as it fights bacteria in the oral cavity and helps fight any bugs! We had to always rinse our mouth after eating our school dinners! Even dentists in Japan say there is a difference in the number of dental cavities in kids in Shizuoka.

Where to buy?

You can view our range of Japanese green teas and matcha now easily online shop via our website! Green teas comes in loose tea or high quality nylon tea bags, premium matcha is a very popular ceremonial single origin matcha and off course our Matcha Capsules for Nespresso.

If you have Nespresso,you can easily make Matcha at home!

Stay at Home and drink Matcha :)

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