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Launching more domestic matcha capsule site

Since our launch of our matcha capsule THE RANGE, we are so greatful of the success, demand and feedback we are receiving from our customers globally. We always inform our tea farmers the feedback so keep them coming! They are also delighted that matcha is enjoyed more conveniently and are impressed with the new modern way of drinking!

We want to make our matcha Nespresso compatible pods more available for everyone. So we have been working very hard the last few months and are proud to say we will be launching more domestic sites for Australia, Japan, Singapore and Philippines. This will mean you can avoid paying the international shipping fees in the above countries and get faster, cheaper and more convenient delivery!

Next we will be looking at domestic sites for the UAE and Saudi so stay tuned!

Gift packs or value packs will also be available as well as gift cards! Perfect for presents!

The new site will still be linked to this one but will be more focused on the capsule range. We also have set up a new Instagram page @matchacapsule so feel free to tag us in your photos and videos using our pods!

To celebrate our new web page launch we will have some offers on our capsules too!

Thanks everyone for all your support

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