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Matcha Capsules saves time and tastes great!!!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Do you want to save your time and but kickstart your day right?

Our World's first Matcha capsules will solve your morning rush!

Everyone's so busy nowadays, whether its rushing out the door to the work, to uni, to the gym, your weekly art class, dropping the kids off to school, or simply just going out! Where do people get all the energy?! I'm sure the majority of people would say a good COFFEE! But now more and more people are turning to MATCHA!

Why matcha? "tastes good" "need the caffeine" "for concentration" "healthier" "alternative to coffee" "Japanese matcha is the best" "tried and loved it in Japan" "for an energy boost" "antioxidants and minerals" "detox" "so good for you" "boosts metabolism"

Matcha is your answer!

What is matcha? For those of you who don't already know, Matcha is a unique Japanese green tea powder which we grow and process differently to ordinary green tea. A few weeks before harvest, we cover our plantations with a dark sheet which means all the chlorophyll and the nutrients goes to the tips of the leaves in search of sunlight. Once harvested, we steam the leaves to make it soft, dry, roast and then mill into powder form. Essentially you are drinking the entire leaf instead of the brewed tea leaves.

How to fit matcha into YOUR lifestyle? We had a look into \why people wanted matcha and how to fit it into your daily life. It's clear and simple that matcha has a lot of benefits: its healthy, it still has the caffeine, tastes super good and an alternative to coffee. However, more and more people started telling us they didn't know how to make the matcha properly, or the equipment required was too expensive, it was too time consuming in the morning before work, or they can't get a hold of proper matcha like they had in Japan. So we thought long and hard and came up with the idea of making it easier for people to enjoy our matcha!

The answer? Nespresso machines you already have at home! Although a challenge, taking us almost 2 years to perfect it in Japan, we have made the perfect Matcha Capsules for your Nespresso machine. Approved from the top tea manufacturing companies and tea masters across Japan who were proud to be able to bring the world a much easier way of enjoying matcha at home!

Matcha Capsules: great premium matcha at a touch of a button, easy use, compatible to all Nespresso machines, saves time, no mess, no need for expensive matcha equipment, healthy start to your day, no skills required!

We have launched our Nespresso compatible matcha capsules on our website and stores globally where you can enjoy them in 3 different ways:

  1. koi cha: a single shot of matcha at a touch of a button gives you a good kickstart for your day. "koi" in Japan means dark or deep which gives the perfect image of a strong matcha

  2. usu cha: those of you who think a espresso shot of matcha is too strong, use the long button and have a fresh cup of hot matcha. "usu" in Japan means light so gives you the perfect balance of matcha with water.

  3. matcha latte: if you want a milky alternative, heat up some milk and make your own matcha latte in the comfort of your own home!

Where to buy? You can easily buy them on our shop page on this website, ebay, amazon, instagram or in stores across Australia.

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