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Growing up, having green tea and matcha as part of our daily lives seemed like something so normal, and we took this for granted – until now. Director Gaku, grew up with his family owned green tea farms in Shizuoka, Japan. They have been harvesting and producing only the best quality green tea for over a century. And today, we can proudly provide our green tea and matcha to Australia and globally to be enjoyed by everyone.

As adults, we became to realise how special and unique our beautiful green tea truly is. However, we also realised very quickly how poor quality the matcha is currently in Australia, and how much of it isn’t “real” matcha. Many smaller companies who have little knowledge about matcha are using plain green tea powder. As tea experts we can tell the difference very quickly. Our wish is to spread the love of authentic Japanese green tea and matcha globally, so we established our GROW GREEN TEA COMPANY in Australia.

Due to high demand we have also launched our matcha and Japanese green tea brand “matchamatcha” and have new, very exciting line ups!

We aim to continually support both our family business and Shizuoka’s local farmers to produce and provide green tea and matcha to both national and global consumers.

We now proudly provide to our global customers across Japan, South East Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe and aim to continue building business relations both at community and international levels. We value all our clients and aim to continue providing professional, high quality service to everyone.

Director: Gaku Hirai    

                Maria Mooney                                                                     

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